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06 Aug

It was cold but not freezing and she only had access to the sweater she had been wearing since the Seeders took her from her home two days ago. Two headlights pierced the darkness as the noise of a heavy vehicle grew more distinct.It had both lower and top bunks, a fold down desk with a computer and, though there were no toilet facilities it still seemed to her like they were in a traveling palace.They had stopped in two busy and clean truck stops to take showers.A ruggedly handsome man, Chet was very kind, a trait her husband never had.Thankful that he had picked her up Corrie was still amazed that his semi-truck tractor, a Freightliner Cascadia, could be so spacious and luxurious.

” Her only chance would be to convince this stranger to take her far enough away from Eldorado to give her a chance of escaping this life forever.Dropping to her knees she tightly clasped her hands, raised them in a desperate prayer and said, “PLEASE sir, please HELP me.” She wasn’t even aware that she was sobbing as she said, “PLEASE don’t make me go back, they’ll TORTURE me then start RAPING me again!The long blast of an air horn from the looming made her want to run but she stood waving her arms more violently.Closing her eyes she heard the squeal of juddering tires and smelled the smoke of hot rubber.He knew about the Seeders and heard of them raping young women.SHIT, he thought, knowing that any kind of involvement in this weird community could get him into trouble with these unexplainable people.Then, as she felt the heat from the truck’s radiator she heard the truck’s engine ease to a slow idle.

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